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Browse through the gallery and examine the designs and workmanship of Rogers Cabinets. If you have any questions, be sure to e-mail or call us.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

Old World Kitchen   Timeless Cherry   Glazed frameless cabinets
Off-white painted and glazed cabinets.

  Faceframe cabinets with inset flat panel doors.
  A slight glaze on painted cabinets.
Country Kitchen   Old English Kitchen   Small Kitchen
Painted faceframe cabinets.

  Faceframe cabinets with a glazed finish.
  Faceframe cabinets with a light green glaze.
French Country Kitchen   Cozy Kitchen   Raised Panel Cherry
Glazed and distressed finish.

  Frameless cabinets with a white catalyzed varnish finish.

  Stained cherry cabinets with inset raised panel doors.

Classic Kitchen   Shaker Style Kitchen   Stained & Glazed Maple
Painted and glazed cabinets.

  Cherry faceframe cabinets.

  Maple cabinets with a Mahogany eating area.
Dining Room Table   Entertainment Cabinet   Classic Pantry
Elliptical shaped table.

  White glaze on stained maple
  A reminder of grandmother's pantry.

Traditional Cherry Kitchen   Contemporary Mahogany   Contemporary Bath
Light stained cherry cabinets with flat-paneled doors.
  A contemporary look with mahogany and stainless steel.

  Frameless cabinets with a white varnish finish.

Library Cabinets   Home Library   Boston Brownstone
Painted bookcases with ample storage.

  Mahogany bookcase and entertainment cabinets.

  Maple cabinets with a toned finish.

Mantle and Bookcases   Wine Cellar   Hand Painted Kitchen
Stained cherry mantle and bookcases

  Oak cabinets and plenty of wine.
  Faceframe cabinets with inset doors.
Entertainment Cabinet   Kitchen Desk
Red birch with  raised panel doors.

  Matching desk with a solid cherry countertop.